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Chris Braun

Chris Braun

I am a creative digital strategist and designer with 15-years experience in the field. Starting as a developer with the DoD, I quickly moved into systems engineering, project management, and graphic design with the Army and Navy to gain enterprise level experience (9 years). That time with the warfighter proved invaluable for my career as it was a great arena to build my skills and knowledge to establish safe, suitable, survivable, and secure products and services for our troops. And no one is more deserving of our best design efforts than our warfighters.

I’ve worked on legacy and cutting-edge mobile and web projects with international companies, government, and startups alike in the areas of defense, shipping, finance, non-profit, and education specializing in complex data visualization and team-building.

I realize the most enjoyment from working with people and teams of all kinds and the creative problem solving process, cooperation, and collaboration. Let’s not forget the other ‘co’, co-celebration!

When not honing those design skills, I enjoy exploring life’s mysteries, playing the charango and guitar, and traveling to visit with the indigenous peoples of Peru.


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